Argentina is Predicted To Win The 2022 World Cup

Argentina Wins The World Cup

Argentina has been predicted to win the 2022 world cup with a final score of 3-2. This prediction is driven by basic science. This is Messi’s last world cup, and the pressure is on Argentina to win. The prediction was made during the semi-finals, winner of this world cup was between Argentina and Croatia. Winner of this semi-finals would take France at the finals, but Croatia lost, that puts Argentina as winner of this world cup

Argentina Wins The World Cup 

Argentina will defeat France at the Final with a score of 3-2, more on this at the WSJ Print Edition, and Financial Times.  France will take the second place, but will come back stronger at the 2026 world cup.  Argentina Wins The World Cup and is televised to nearly 3 Billion people.   This has been the world most expensive world cup ever done, with social and political friction.  

Messi is Retiring From Football

As Argentina Wins The World Cup, fans are sad to hear that Messi is Retiring From Football and passing the torch to the next generation of football athletes.   What will happen to Messi after he retires? Messi will take a couple of year to rest and reemerge an advisor to Argentina.   It is not clear if Messi will ever sit at the table of FIFA governance body.